A little about the creators


We are thrilled to launch our balcony furniture line! The ideas for the products have been stewing around in our brains for quite a few years. Finally in the summer of 2016 we bought some plywood and made some prototypes. We slapped them on the rails of our balcony, made a few adjustments and found great enjoyment using the products. So much so that we decided to bring the designs to the US Patent office and then to market, so now you can experience the same transformation of your balcony space.   

Through our day jobs we have lived all over the world, enjoying beautiful views. It's always been disappointing to us when the railing or awkward furniture limits the enjoyment of beautiful balcony living space. It's our mission to enhance the enjoyment of the great outdoors through simple and modern additions to your balcony space. 

Some fine folks at Bay Cabinet and Millwork in Panama City, Florida have come alongside us to bring our designs to life. Their quality craftsmanship is key to the beauty and durability of our products. Each piece is handmade out of the finest wood product with the closest attention to detail. 

UPDATE! (8/1/2017) Our first run of Mesa and Quattro Tables have been completed!  We are so excited for you to experience the view from your balcony with our Balconista tables which are beautifully handcrafted in the USA. 

Here at Balconista Furniture, we want you to enjoy your balcony space, large or small, and hope that our furniture will be a source of joy in your home or business for years to come. 

US Utility Patent 9,936,801

US Design Patent 29/642,543

US Design Patent Pending 29/581813