RailRunner® Mini

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The RailRunner® Mini is the perfect addition to your balcony, large or small.  Simple, modern and compact design increases the enjoyment of your outdoor space exponentially. Easy installation allows you to get out and enjoy your balcony today. Use the Mini to hold your coffee or tea while you check your phone in the morning or get some fresh air while enjoying your view.  Add some personal touches to your balcony space by using the RailRunner® Mini to hold a plant, candle or other decor. The Mini can easily slide up and down your vertical balcony rail, adjusting to whatever height you prefer. The practical applications are endless for this little wonder.

- Quality craftsmanship, made in the USA from 95% recycled material in a closed loop production. Green Circle Certified. 

- Designed and built for exterior use

- Easy to install, mounts to standard vertical balcony rails

- Dimensions 8” wide x 7 ¾” deep x 5 ¾” height (usable surface 7” w x 4 ⅞”d)

- Available in a variety of colors to complement any decor. 

- Comes with all necessary 18/8 stainless steel hardware, resistant to rust and corrosion

- Included hardware fits all standard metal railings (4 or 5" wide) for apartments, condominiums and high-rises.